Resources for Free Learners

Here is a non-complete list of great resources for exploratory free learners. It includes multi-disciplinary, applied, hands-on learning tools as well as online communities that support free learners. Are we missing anything on this list? Reach out.

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Online live group classes for K-12 across interdisciplinary topics.

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Brilliant is an interactive Duolingo-like experience for learning math and science. You never need to watch a video to learn, instead you learn by answering more complex problems.

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The Recurse Center

A self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers in New York City

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 5.39.28 PM.png is an online community of people curating the most interesting learning content for any topic. Like Pinterest, but for learners.

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Math for Love

A newsletter with games to play with kids to teach them math in an applied and interactive way.


Khan Academy

Khan has two modes: one is watching videos, and the other is learning by answering increasingly complex questions. It’s a great way to learn a wide variety of topics by doing instead of stopping to read or watch instructions.



On Skillshare, learners can learn from experts in their fields. Skillshare is hands on and project based, and has a strong learning community.

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Cottage class

Cottage class is a platform and network that helps anyone create or join a microschool.



Browse and learn from study sets created across lots of different topics, and create your own. You can also use Quizlet paired with this Quizlet chrome extension to see one of your Quizlet flash cards every time you open a new browser tab.



A task and progress tracker combined with an active community of makers.


Mystery Science

Science content for elementary school classrooms that teaches science by prompting kids with questions.

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A community of people who are all learing and working on their own thing and encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

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Digital Socrates

Alexa and Google Assistant skill that asks the user interesting questions to answer.


School in the Cloud

This is a grassroots online schooling network where classes are designed around students asking a big, ungoogleable question and using that question asking to drive their learning.



A subreddit where anyone can teach a class and the best classes are surfaced through upvotes. Classes meet for a few weeks online.


Stack Exchange

Online community where anyone can pose a question for anyone else to help get them towards an answer.

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Exploratorium Activities

A list of experiments you can do at home to learn science in a hands-on way.

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Orbital STudios

Learning communities for people in similar careers to encourage and support each other’s growth.

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Syllabi curated by TED on a variety of subjects, starting with TED videos and linking to outside resources to dig deeper.


There are plenty of learning resources for free learners that are still just waiting to be built. If you’re interested in potentially starting a free learning company, see our Requests for Startups.